InfleXsys, a digital solutions provider specializing in tailor-made mobile application development and internet of things interfaces conception, and HOLIS Consulting, a start-up specializing in consulting and inspection engineering for the Oil & Gas industries, announce the creation of their joint venture, Simesys.

Partners for several months in the implementation of the prototype, then in the development of the Evolis solution, a mobile application dedicated to the inspection of complex industrial infrastructures, the two organizations wish to strengthen their collaboration.

Creation of Simesys: Complementary skills at the service of customers

Simesys will therefore rely on InfleXsys to develop the evolutions of the Evolis software suite, and HOLIS-Consulting will ensure its distribution and integration with customers through engineering services.

The positive international market outlook and the numerous projects currently under study have prompted Simesys to consider a short-term initial fundraising aimed at supporting its development. Several recruitments are already planned for 2021.

« Creating Simesys seemed essential to us » confirm Olivier Blanc, president of InfleXsys and Yann Macoritto, consultant specializing in inspection engineering and partner of HOLIS-Consulting. « In many industries, it is crucial to carry out preventive inspections of complex infrastructure, whether it is chemicals, energy or even aeronautics. Development opportunities are therefore considerable. »

InfleXsys and HOLIS-Consulting announce the creation of their joint-venture, Simesys

About Evolis

Designed by Simesys, Evolis is a software suite targeting industrial infrastructure inspection, and designed to manage the entire inspection cycle. More infos

About Simesys

Simesys is a software publisher specializing in the design of innovative inspection and maintenance applications for industrial infrastructure or equipment. More infos

About InfleXsys

InfleXsys is a digital solutions provider with a great expertise in mobile application development and internet of things interfaces conception. InfleXsys advises and supports its industrial clients, SMEs or Key Accounts, to perform a successful digital transformation by designing state of-the-art tailor-made digital solutions. More infos

À propos de HOLIS-Consulting

Started up by CMIMS and software experts together with field operations experienced Inspection Engineers, HOLIS intends to provide the best engineering services to inspection bodies. Mobilizing complementary skills, HOLIS supports the entire field of inspection management, from RBI analysis to implementation of on-site applications. Its flexible organization, based on self-management and partnerships, allows high agility, efficiency, innovation and accountability. More infos

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