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Simesys is an editor of innovative solutions for the digitalization of inspection and maintenance processes in the industrial sector.

In order to meet the challenges of its customers in terms of reliability, completeness and tracking of the information collected, availability of inspection equipment on site or optimization of intervention times, Simesys designs applications (desktop and mobile) adapted to the needs of industrial site inspectors and maintenance professionals.

For each sector of industry for which the control of installations is critical, Simesys and its partners, experienced consultants in inspection engineering, offer turnkey and intuitive solutions, integrating the business specificities and taking in charge the usage context.

Simesys | Éditeur de logiciel, inspection et maintenance industrielle Simesys | Software publisher, industry inspection and maintenance

Our commitment

To help you optimise the Quality, Cost and Duration of maintenance and inspection operations.

Digitalization allows industrialists to control end-to-end inspection and maintenance operations, particularly in the case of complex infrastructures.

We provide them with the means to simplify, but above all, to make the production of intervention reports more reliable by structuring the collection of data.

Our values.

Always attentive to the market and potential innovations, we collaborate with our customers and partners, adopting an Agile mode of operation, focused on satisfaction and continuous improvement, within the framework of a proven quality approach.

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Customer Centric

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Continuous improvement

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Olivier Blanc


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Yann Macoritto


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Rafael Iglesia


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Vincent Geffrin

Business Developer

Simesys | Éditeur de logiciel, inspection et maintenance industrielle Software publisher, industry inspection and maintenance


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