industrial infrastructure control inspection : Evolis by Simesys

Evolis: a software suite targeting industrial infrastructure control.

The Evolis solution is composed of a back-office application to prepare files, and a mobile application on tablet to perform the control on site.

Cover all stages of the process to be digitalized

Access dynamic plans on site

Follow a checklist

Annotate anomalies directly on the plans

Consult detailed documentation in real time

Create on-site reports

A back office

application to :

Manage data of the inspection and control sites

Prepare and export files

Process data

Edit standard reports

A tablet application for mobility allowing the technician to:

Declare anomalies and locate them precisely on inspection schematics (2D or 3D overviews)

Take pictures and attach them to the intervention report on the fly

Complete the intervention report

Have a precise visibility of the state of health of an equipment (real-time calculation of the corrosion rate and the life expectancy)

Evolis products.

logiciel inspection réglementaire : Evolis Integrity regulatory inspection software for the industry : Evolis Integrity
Evolis Integrity

Software and app for regulatory inspection of industrial infrastructures

visual inspection of industrial components : Evolis Survey contrôle visuel de composants industriels : Evolis Survey
Evolis Survey

Software and app for visual control of industrial components

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